Global tech giant moves to the top of their class to help schools improve - Ascendion

Global tech giant moves to the top of their class to help schools improve

Ascendion February 21, 2022

One of the biggest technology companies in the world wanted to help schools alleviate the administrative issues associated with manual documentation of students’ data.

Manual documentation by school districts to track, store, and retrieve student information was extremely time-consuming and highly prone to errors. To get an “A,” schools needed to meet the required demands of processing students’ paperwork quickly and effectively, especially at the start of the school year.

For the thousands of school districts, new and improved databases had to support legacy integration, data accuracy within all systems, data digitization, and reduction of manual efforts. This required expert software engineers to develop a modernized platform for handling and monitoring students’ data in accordance with required K-12 standards.

Engineering schools for a better tomorrow

Ascendion engineers partnered with the tech-giant and developed a single-point automation platform and customized workflows using Azure Logic App to enhance the legacy data integration platform for K-12 standards. We elevated school districts with beautiful software in our quest towards a better, smarter, simpler world.

We helped schools migrate to the cloud, simplifying data management and providing explicit security and control over their data. We believe this school-controlled, secure starting point in Azure will make it easier to use analytics to help improve student outcomes, while also servicing the typical data transfer and management needs of a school or district IT team.

Now, schools could extract data from the source system and apply multiple levels of data cleansing, including the removal of duplicate records and applications. The platform enabled bulk data cleansing and conversion capabilities — the error sensors and log tracking enabled monitoring with reduced troubleshooting for a stellar report card.

Receiving high marks with improved experiences
  • 100% data accuracy within all systems
  • 100% data digitization for each school district
  • 90% reduction in manual data input

Ascendion has helped numerous organizations succeed in their digital transformation and experience efforts. Talk to us to learn more .


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