Empowering popular game maker with Ascendion’s co-engineering model on Azure

Game maker wins with feature-rich customer experiences

Ascendion February 3, 2022

In digital gaming, how fast you build new features dramatically impacts how players stick with the game — and how much revenue is generated.

The maker of one of the most popular online games faced extraordinary demands from their fervent fan base to keep improving the gaming experience and in-game buying. They needed to build numerous feature-rich releases to satisfy and engage their devoted gamers.

For the millions of players worldwide, the new design experience had to support multiple gaming consoles and operating systems across multiple user interface services using new technologies based on Azure. This required software engineers and tech expertise the game maker didn’t have readily available on their bench to meet the swift timeline.

Accelerating engineering velocity

We applied our co-engineering model to enhance product development capabilities for in-store services within the game platform. Ascendion engineers immediately jumped into the sprint cycles to speed development of key marketplace features.

We used Ascendion AVA, an integrated, intelligent engineering platform, to accelerate product release cycles for marketplace experiences for in-game purchases. Ascendion AVA is an engine built with modular components for the IT value chain to improve Agile development work. We also worked to streamline and improve test coverage.

Rich features engage players

We accelerated time to market and improved the player’s customer experience by shortening the product development cycle, unclogged process bottlenecks, and provided an engineering environment supporting increased productivity.

We shipped multiple features including ratings, wish list, starter pack, collectibles, personalization, and monetization, all adding up to:

  • 25% increased player engagement
  • 1.25x increased revenue
  • 30% improved cycle time

Tech-Stack: Azure Logic App, Embedded JavaScript, Node JS, MS Azure Global

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Ascendion developed the AI/ML platform infrastructure and constructed an implementation roadmap for the client. The data architecture and management strategies used resulted in an increased lifespan of the equipment by 6 to 8 months and many other successful results.