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Data and analytics hub helps students own their future

Ascendion February 21, 2022

The higher education industry continues to be immersed in change, with institutions navigating increasing competition, diversifying student populations, and dwindling financial resources. Amid this upheaval, college and university leaders face a growing sense of urgency to prepare for the future. 

 A global consultancy firm serving some of the world’s leading educational organizations was in urgent need of an analytical platform to complement its higher education suite of products. Their legacy systems were expensive and did not yield the required insights to provide an enhanced digital educational experience.  

 The client needed analytics and a student data hub that could complement their higher education suite of products. Plus, they needed a platform to support students through the lifecycle of enrollment, graduation, recruitment, and alumni engagement. The ed-tech provider was searching for expert engineers advanced enough to design a platform that provides exceptional insights for strategic decisions. 

 To the head of the class with a state-of-the-art platform  

Ascendion engineered and deployed a state-of-the-art platform with a student analytics hub leveraging the AWS data stack. We designed a new data model and semantic layer to support the analytical needs across the student lifecycle. The team assured data and insight quality by developing new data pipelines, metadata extraction at source, and inbuilt self-healing data quality checks.  

 To ensure efficiency of data lake management, we used AWS Glue Crawler, Athena, AWS Lambda, and AWS Quicksightat the architectural, pipeline, and reporting levels to draw deep insights.  

 Engineering powers educational performance  

The platform yielded an enhanced digital educational experience to support students throughout their academic lifecycle and prepared them to own their future. 

  • 60% faster time to market 
  • 45% reduction in operating expenses 
  • 40% increase in performance reports 
  • 15% increase in student retention 


Tech StackAWS Athena, AWS Glue Crawler, AWS Lambda, AWS Quicksight 

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The developed solution contributed to faster time to market, release quality, and stabilized processes. The Ascendion team helped them with the localization requirements in the global market and in developing new features. We ensured no compromise on data quality or integrity, easy access, enhanced user experience, and advanced technology. As a result, the institutions claim to have gone through their most challenging time of year, i.e., back to school, with no major issues, which was phenomenal.