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AI helps Talent Specialists build better candidate relationships with as much 25%-time savings

Ascendion June 13, 2023

Bridging the talent gap by identifying the right resource forms the backbone of a company’s growth. Talent Specialists often spend a great deal of their time on mundane administrative tasks such as manual profile screening, manual job advert descriptions on aggregate sites, source talent from databases manually, etc.

Before connecting with a potential candidate, talent specialists often must spend time sourcing and analyzing profiles. A simple search across job portals will not yield the right talent. The more time spent on mundane administrative tasks, the less time they have to connect with the right talent and build a relationship.

To source, screen, and hire the right resource, talent specialists can benefit greatly with Ascendion’s advanced AI automation solution that is built into the ATS platform.

Save time, spot the right talent

Ascendion’s generative AI solution automates the process and delivers 25—30% increase in productivity by eliminating time spent on manual efforts. Our advanced AI helps identify right resources based on skills/experience/location, rewrites precise JDs, automate email drafting, generate multiple Boolean key strings (combination keyword searches) and improves submission to hire ratios.

Ascendion GAIN: AI powered application 

Our team of experts developed an advanced AI-solution, that helps talent specialists to source, match relevant skills, hire, and onboard talent by reducing 2-2.5 hours of manual efforts in every working day. The AI powered features include classification based on skills, parsing job descriptions, re-writing them, generate Boolean key strings (combination keyword searches) and even generate pre-screening
questions. The platform is engineered using our framework for Enterprise AI, Ascendion GAIN (Guided Artificial Intelligence Network). GAIN employs a purposeful, controlled, and ethical AI, leveraging human expertise and guidance to enhance its capabilities and decision-making processes.

The results:

  • 2-2.5 hours of manual efforts saved per day, per employee in administrative tasks
  • ∼500-625-hours saved annually, per employee
  • ∼50,000+ hours saved annually for every 100 talent specialists
  • 30-45 minutes saved every day with AI-based profile screening
  • Improved quality of hires with better candidate screening
  • ∼10 minutes time saved in identifying the right resources based on skills
  • ∼30 minutes time saved in quick email drafts
  • Save ∼45 minutes a day by generating multiple Boolean Key strings to source matching profiles

Tech Stack: Ascendion GAIN (GAIN – Guided Artificial Intelligence Network), Generative AI (LLM), Azure
Cloud, Kubernetes, .NET, custom API’s


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