Revolutionizing home-based care: cutting costs and elevating quality

39% run costs freed for a leading home-based care provider

Ascendion April 17, 2023

A leading home and personal healthcare provider wanted to unify their disparate processes, enable automation, and build an IT service management structure to drive their transformation initiative and improve customer experiences.

The Ascendion Pathfinder framework identified key operational levers for cost optimization from helpdesk consolidation and fit-shoring analysis to automation and archival. The assessment also identified critical transformation levers like cloud migration, app and data modernization, and digital transformation.

Ascendion developed and implemented the IT optimization roadmap that helped the client gain a 20% reduction in efforts through consolidation and rationalization. The approach helped reduce more than 50% of issues with automation, which freed up 39% of the run costs, and helped the healthcare provider achieve a further 10% savings with transformation accelerators.

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