Generative AI is here. Does your company have the DNA to make it work? - Ascendion

Generative AI is here. Does your company have the DNA to make it work?

Ascendion May 8, 2023


Garth Andrus
Dr. Garth Andrus
Ian Lee
Ian Lee

Companies are beginning to grapple with three key questions regarding GenAI: how it will impact their business, how to ensure their organization and employees will become ready and enabled to use it, and how to deploy it quickly, safely, and ethically.

Companies will need to consider whether their organization’s DNA is enabled in a way to take advantage of GenAI’s power while also minimizing its risks. Companies staying the same without realigning or recoding their DNA will find the organization quickly out of synch with the changes, dispersion and speed of GenAI.

The GenAI DNA Framework™ provides a roadmap for companies to reduce risks, increase adoption, accelerate benefits, and achieve their business intentions with this powerful and promising technology. The framework is based on the authors’ research, independently and together, with MIT on digital DNA and digital transformation, which has been further studied and customized specifically for GenAI. In addition, Andrus and Lee have woven in their practical experiences and insights helping dozens of Fortune 500 companies around the world make digital, including AI, part of their DNA.

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