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Ascendion April 18, 2023


Karthikeyan G
Head of Platform Engineering & Architecture

Digital transformation accelerates digital outcomes, a point that’s as clear as day to IT leaders. But what about the path leading to it? In fact, enterprises may stumble at the very first challenge – where are the funds to invest in transformation?

An outcome-driven transformation initiative starts with a cost optimization strategy that releases funds for execution. But you cannot guess such a strategy. You can only craft it with meticulous attention. This is where Pathfinder comes to your aid.

For instance, Pathfinder recently helped a multinational consumer bank save up to 41% of its IT spend in three years. In doing so, Pathfinder helped the bank transform its business solution model, delivery process, and practices, aligning each aspect of the business to deliver well-defined business outcomes.

With Pathfinder, enterprises can lay their path to power innovation, by leveraging future-fit, adaptive, creative, and resilient technologies. The result? Enhanced customer experiences, higher profits, a renewed drive to innovate, more cost savings, and peaceful nights for IT leaders.

Accelerating digital outcomes through Pathfinder

Regardless of your outcomes or where you are on your transformation journey, Pathfinder helps you find opportunities to accelerate the drive with a proven framework. This begins with a thorough due diligence of your IT ecosystem to identify cost optimization and modernization opportunities.

By leveraging predictive models, Pathfinder can generate recommendations to implement processes that increase efficiency, mitigate risks, reduce costs, and build automation for adaptation, growth, and governance.

Following this, a business-value-driven roadmap is created across multiple transformation levers, including architecture, technology stack, delivery processes, practices, people, and the team’s technology adoption mindset. The roadmap also provides recommendations on creating standardized processes that are repeatable and scalable.

This ensures there are automated steps in place to lower costs, which can then be benchmarked against the manual processes over time, while factoring in people, processes, and technology.

Pathfinder activates your future-fit competency by eliminating redundant costs and modernizing your technology infrastructure to deliver greater value than your current output.

It helps you to measure, map, and track initiatives against factors like potential financial benefits, business impact, time requirements, degrees of organizational risk and IT technical risks, and investment requirements, enabling clear visualization of trade-offs.

Such a proactive approach can accelerate business outcomes through automation, cloud enablement, software product engineering, integrated operations, app modernization, and more, with clear benefits:

  • Significant improvement in user experience
  • Enterprise-wide cost optimization and savings
  • Enhanced IT contribution to top-line growth

No points for guessing, but Pathfinder transforms your entire IT ecosystem to meet the evolving needs of business, while driving agility, resilience, and intelligence to your operations.

Strategic initiatives for business transformation

Once a business workflow is optimized, Pathfinder takes it on a digital transformation pathway.

1. Value alignment

The effectiveness of any transformation initiative can only be assessed if the output aligns with your business goals. Pathfinder is an outcome-driven framework that streamlines all your cost optimization, modernization, and transformation initiatives and redirects it toward delivering well-defined results.

From enhancing operational efficiencies to automation, each step of your journey is guided toward elevating business outcomes.

2. Plan and prioritize

Pathfinder works in tandem with all the stakeholders to plan, prioritize, and articulate the transformation steps. It prioritizes the areas that need your immediate attention or can deliver impact faster and develops the implementation roadmap accordingly.

As part of the process, enterprises gain greater visibility into present system inefficiencies, misinvestments, and other critical areas that require intervention. What comes out of this stage is a priority-driven roadmap to a value-laden destination.

3. Iterate and innovate

To be innovative is to be agile, responsive, and adaptive toward changing market conditions. Pathfinder adds resilience to your enterprise with automation, AI, ML, and data analytics.

It results in your enhanced ability to experiment, take risks, breed new ideas, and power innovation without the fear of disrupting your operations. This capability helps you identify new opportunities to create value and stay ahead of the herd.

4. Execute and measure

To reiterate a fact: Pathfinder is an outcome and value-driven framework; what this means is that it delivers what it promises. The implementation roadmap begins with business goal alignment and well-defined performance indicators that you can monitor.

From training employees to modernizing your IT ecosystem, Pathfinder implements your transformation strategies with transparency, thereby producing hassle-free transformation across your enterprise with results you can bank on.

Scale your dynamic business ecosystem with Pathfinder

Business transformation at its core entails adaptive, creative, resilient, and future-fit technologies backed by cloud enablement, self-healing mechanisms, IT modernization, and upgrades.

A successful transformation initiative creates an ecosystem that can thrive and evolve even when the winds of change in the market gather pace. To establish a sustainable environment as such, you must ensure that all bases are covered. It begins with addressing workflow gaps, enabling seamless connectivity, and introducing automation to ensure optimal system performance.

By taking these steps, businesses can embrace future-proof technologies and enhance their ability to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

Whether you need to optimize costs, analyze returns, explore new markets, or manage resources better, Pathfinder caters to these dynamic needs in the digital space.

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