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Most organizations spend 57%-80% of their IT budgets to support business operations. Instead, they must focus on accelerating digital transformation and channeling resources toward innovation. This is where cost optimization can power their lift, as it’s all about embracing a business-focused, continuous discipline to drive spending and cost reduction while maximizing business value.

The path to cost optimization, however, is not easily defined, and strategies often involve some extent of guesswork or ‘business hunch.’ Optimizing costs across hardware, software, personnel, and outsourcing with even slight guesswork may either lead to great success or massive failure – an unacceptable uncertainty. Ascendion’s Pathfinder framework helps organizations remove the guesswork from decision-making.

With impeccable due diligence, opportunity heatmaps, and smart ROI-benchmarked models, Pathfinder helps your organization gain clarity to make the right decisions. It enables you to know, rather than guess, the right cost optimization path to achieve ~20-35% cost savings and maximum business value.

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The framework sans guesswork


What does the right path look like?

Explore how continuously identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in processes, resources, and workflow can significantly boost operational efficiencies and optimize costs across the organization.

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The craft of finding the right path



Make well-informed choices based on due diligence executed through AI-driven frameworks, tools, and industry benchmarks-driven data sets

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Value hypothesis

Craft the right cost optimization strategy with a value hypothesis – an output of due diligence. Leverage opportunity maps to identify key areas of optimization.

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Implementation roadmap

Develop an integrated mimplementation plan based on optimized cost models. Leverage intelligent algorithms with validated data points to implement the right cost optimization strategy.

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Pathfinder in action

Guessing is easy. Pathfinder is right.

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